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The last UrbanA Community Conversations (CoCo) was about Feminist perspectives for sustainable just cities (July 21 2020). Sara Ortiz Escalante, a sociologist and urban planner with the Barcelona based cooperative Col·lectiu Punt 6 (Collective Point 6) gave a talk to 70 participants. Participants also shared personal insights and examples from their communities about this topic. The video of that #UrbanACoCo presentation is available and the related blog post outlines[1]:

Historically, European urban planning has predominantly been in the hands of homogeneous groups of men. Although in the last decades the diversity of actors involved in urban planning has increased, many of the urban spaces we live in and interact with are not designed to address the needs of, for example, women, girls, people with non-binary identity, immigrants, ethnic minorities or the elderly.

Everyone is cordially invited to contribute to this wiki page by writing their perspectives and examples about the given topic. This page is a part of UrbanA wiki which is an ongoing, open-ended online collaborative database and knowledge source for city-makers to tackle unsustainability and injustice in cities. Check out the User guide to find out more about how to contribute, including links to tips on formatting and editing wiki pages.

General introduction to approach

Shapes, sizes and applications

Relation to UrbanA themes: Cities, sustainability, and justice

Narrative of change

Transformative potential


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