Feminist perspectives for sustainable just cities

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Creating Feminist perspectives for sustainable just cities is the 7th UrbanA Community Conversation (CoCo), previous CoCos reports and videos can be found on our blog on Medium and by following the #UrbanACoCo on social media (twitter, instagram, facebook).

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General introduction

Sara Ortiz Escalante will open this CoCo speaking about the relevance of gender perspectives to create sustainable and just cities. Sara works at Col·lectiu Punt 6 (Collective Point 6), a cooperative engaged on feminist urbanism to “make our cities more inclusive and make the people who inhabit them the experts of the spaces that surround us.”

The CoCo will address the following questions:

  • How have cities reorganised work and what have been the gender consequences of the Covid-19 crisis in the distribution of care?
  • How have cities supported care of dependents in the Covid-19 crisis?
  • How have cities responded to the diversity of needs, households and people?
  • What can cities change to place care and people’s life at the center in the new scenario post-Covid?

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