C) Engaging Inhabitants

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The ambition

This governance ambition aims at enabling effective participation of inhabitants in urban development.

Relation to previous work in UrbanA

This governance ambition addresses the following driver of injustice:

  • Limited citizen participation in urban planning. This driver refers to the limited involvement and engagement of citizens and citizens’ initiatives in decision-making around the planning, design, implementation and/or evaluation of urban sustainability-oriented interventions.

How could it work?

Engaging inhabitants could consist of making visible people's justice concerns, shifting primary attention to vulnerable groups; diversifying participation options (digital, local, specific groups), enabling participation of handicapped groups (timing, language, compensation...) and/or normalizing citizen juries, plebiscites etc.

See examples

Take a look at the detailed Biodiversity protection and social justice in the Barcelona Natural Park.

Check out the brief governance scenario Inviting citizens to a transformation of street space - flexibly dealing with resistance.


How can inhabitants be better enabled to participate in deliberations about the most urgent objectives and measures of urban development?