A) Policy Integration

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The ambition

This governance ambition aims at dealing with sustainability and justice challenges in a more integrative and comprehensive way (rather than through compartmentalized policies and organizations.

Relation to previous work in UrbanA

This governance ambition relates to the approach:

  • Co-learning and knowledge brokerage. This is an approach implemented in cities with the objective to facilitate the circulation of ideas, understandings and cutting-edge research between a diverse variety of actors in society.

It aims to addresses the following driver of injustice:

  • Unfit institutional structures. This driver refers to those aspects or functions of organizations, public offices, administrations and authorities that deal with urban governance and stand in the way of achieving just outcomes in urban sustainability.

How could it work ?

Policy integration could consist of creating integrative organization and rules as well as especially including and include especially questions of justice in urban sustainability planning and policy making.

Check out examples

Take a look at the detailed Holistic neighbourhood development Augustenborg.

Check out the brief governance scenario called Overcoming compartmentalization in urban regeneration projects for inclusive sustainability and resilience.


How can sustainability and justice challenges be dealt with in a more integrative and comprehensive way - rather than by (sectoraly) compartmentalized policies and organizations?