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Description of what the network is about

VrijCoop is an association of housing cooperatives that is committed to affordable housing for everyone and making buildings, complexes of homes and workplaces collective propoerty. The initiatives that join VrijCoop are central. The organization ensures that real estate is bought free from the market: by making sale impossible, the initiatives and VrijCoop jointly provide housing that remains affordable in the long term. The members support each other through knowledge exchange and mutual initiatives. In this way, VrijCoop wants to support initiatives that pursue the same goals in self-organization.

Societal problem they want to address

Unaffordable and unautonomous housing that is often short-term.

Societal domain


Basic aim of network

The ideal of VrijCoop is to create sustainable and affordable housing for everyone by buying properties away from market speculation.


To offer an alternative to the housing market which is under severe pressure and for people who want to live in a community. This community could take various forms, such as a residential community or a group of good neighbors who like to do some business together. Examples of such things are a communal garden, a neighborhood living room or simply taking care of the maintenance of the homes. Providing an opportunity for sitting residents of social housing to take over their homes jointly.

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