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Philipp Späth (PD Dr.) is a senior scientist, and head of the research group “Urban Environmental Governance” @ Institute of Environmental Social Sciences & Geography (IESSG), Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg, Germany

Email: spaeth (ät)

Being trained as a geographer and political scientist, Philipp has obtained a PhD in ‘Science and Technology Studies’ in 2009 and habilitated in „Environmental Governance and Urban Studies“ in 2016. Main research interest: urban and multi-level processes of environmental governance, governance of socio-technical change (in energy, mobility, agri-food), sustainability transitions, the role of guiding visions and knowledge politics.

recent writing

Späth, P. and J. Knieling (2020). "How EU-funded Smart City experiments influence modes of planning for mobility: observations from Hamburg." Urban Transformations 2(1): 2-19.

Cashmore, M., J. S. Jensen and P. Späth (2019). Chapter 1 – Introduction: The knowledge politics of urban sustainability transitions Politics of Urban Sustainability Transitions: Knowledge, Power and Governance. J. S. Jensen, M. Cashmore and P. Späth, Routledge: 1-16.

De Hoop, E., L. Van Oers, S. Becker, R. Macrorie, P. Spath, M. Astola and W. Boon (2019). "Smart as a Global Vision? Exploring Smart in Local District Development Projects." Architecture and Culture 7(2): 1-19.

Jensen, J. S., M. Cashmore and P. Späth (2019). Politics of Urban Sustainability Transitions: Knowledge, Power and Governance. Abingdon, Routledge.

Späth, P. and J. Knieling (2019). Smart City Experimentation in Urban Mobility – Exploring the Politics of Futuring in Hamburg. Socio‐Technical Futures Shaping the Present - Empirical examples and analytical challenges. A. Lösch, A. Grunwald, M. Meister and I. Schulz‐Schaeffer. Wiesbaden, Springer VS: 161-185.

Sengers, F., P. Späth and R. Raven (2018). Experimenting with Smart Eco-cities in Dutch and German Cities: Discourses, Institutions, Materiality. Urban Living Labs: Experimentation and Socio-technical Transitions. S. Marvin, H. Bulkeley, Q. L. Mai and K. Mccormick. Milton Park, Routledge: 74-88.