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Through practice in urban design, teaching, research, activism and volunteering, I have been involved in numerous and diverse initiatives in civic mapping for community-led planning, mostly in London and Paris.

In these 2 cities I am collaborating with hybrid metropolitan networks (residents + activists + practitioners + researchers/teachers) who support each other and lobby for community-led planning of just and sustainable cities : Just Space in London and Appuii in Paris.

Thanks to these collaborations and my different approaches of civic mapping, I have progressively set up a mapping methodology called justMap.

Vision on & relation to sustainable just cities

Inequalities as well as global warning and biodiversity loss are destroying our physical and social environment. I believe that only community-led approaches can address these challenges.

However these last years, I understood that these approaches won't be able to emerge within the framework of state and elective democracies such as they are for example in France or in UK, and I started being active in more radical social and ecological movements such as Les Gilets Jaunes or Extinction Rebellion.

I am now convinced that there won't be any signicative progress towards sustainable just cities without struggles against the big fishes responsible for the socio-ecologial disaster.


a few papers