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As an urban planner I focused on making cities more sutainable during my studies and carreer. I studied Urban Development at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences followed by Urban Planning at the University of Amsterdam where I also dit my masters Urban Studies. I researched the implementation of sustainability goals in area development in Boston and Amsterdam ( I've also worked on social issues in the Amsterdam neighbourhood action team. Currently I work for an area developer to implement new aproaches to increase sustainable performance of our projects. I love sporting outdoors by cycling or running and, very cliche, live on a little housebout appartment in Amsterdam with my wife and two Cats.

Vision on & relation to sustainable just cities

I am an urban enthusiast and believe we can do so much better to work for more sustainable results in planning, developing and managing cities. While systemic change is necessary, I also believe action is required to show that there is always a way of doing things better.

In my work I include a variety of stakeholders to come up with alternative ways to realize energieneutral neighbourhoods, implement circular principles and decrease car ownership and usage by promoting alternative modes (shared) transportation. I have recentlypartnered up with a collleauge to add inclusiveness (inclusive city) with my sustainability work.

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