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I am a peace worker from Ankara, Turkey. I began my career in journalism and in 2013 I covered the Gezi Park Movement as a freelance journalist in alternative media and international press. I was a Master-student in Peace and Conflict Studies Hacettepe University's Istanbul branch from 2014 to 2017, where I was taught among others by Johan Galtung, Jorgen Johansen, Stellan Vinthagen, Oliver Richmond, Norman Finkelstein, Joshua Weiss, Wolfgang Dietrich, Gal Harmat, Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, Zeki Ergas, Tatsushi Arai and Amr Khairy Abdalla. Hacettepe University shut down the department in 2015 but I obtained a Master's degree with my thesis subject being 'Identity-based Conflicts in between Resistance Groups during the Gezi Movement'.Since graduating from Hacettepe University in 2017, I was able to gain experience, inspire transformers and realize projects. As a trained peace-worker, I have been invited to present new ideas at international conferences and did interventions on the level of established organizations as well as in inter-personal or inter-group conflicts.My works focus on the micro-level changes for social innovation and new social structures.

In all my works I seek to apply the idea of proceeding from Science to Practice. As an example, I developed and applied "Micro-level Peace-building Methods for Sustainable and Just Cities." In this context I initiated the "Creating Peace Gardens in the Urban Realm" project. As a pilot study it has been realized in Wuppertal in order to generate an in-depth, multi-faceted understanding of a complex issue in a real-life laboratory context. It was not only set up to analyse root-cause problems but also sought to propose culturally sensitive solutions by the help of ecological peacebuilding approaches. The goal was to use "nature-based micro-level solutions" as a "new forms of dialogue method" for a sustainable future. It resulted as an alternative eco-education model:'out of school space' for intercultural and interreligious dialogue. I am selected as a Right Livelihood Campus Bonn Junior Scientist. I am an UrbanA Fellow and Tag des Guten Lebens Advisory Board member in Wuppertal.

Neue Formen des Dialogs –für einen friedlichen, gerechten und nachhaltigen Wandel! 
  • 2021 - From Science to Practice: The Role of Research in Tackling COVID-19 and Achieving the SDGs.
  • 2021 - Urban Arenas for Sustainable and Just Cities Meeting Berlin.
  • 2021 - What does a just transition to solve climate change by 2030 look like? Drift Webinar.
  • 2021 - Wuppertal Institute: Platform for Neighbourhood Solidarity: Using Community-based Approaches to Build Pandemie-resilient Neighbourhoods, International Peace Worker and Researcher,
  • 2021 - New York Institute of Technology: "School of Architecture and Design" -R-cubed Symposium and Workshop.
  • 2021 - 'European Social Economy Summit' 2021
  • 2021 - RLC/ZEF Bonn Workshop, Mobilization for Change:Ensuring Rights and Promoting Justice for Marginalized People:"Micro-level Peace-building Methods for Sustainable and Just Cities" Scientific Research Presentation.
  • 2021 - Kulturell sensibler und inklusiver Journalismus bei Can TV. Ich habe einen Vortrag darüber gehalten, wie wir mit unserem kulturellen Wissen am Transformationsprozess nachhaltiger und gerechter Städte teilnehmen können.
  • 2021 - "What's going on in Citizenship Education in Europe?" NECE Campus
  • 2021 - Yol TV Interview, Transformation and Cultural Participation for a Common Future
  • 2021 - Federal Conference of Municipal Development Policy Together. Fair. Global. Sustainable.Agenda 2030 - Communities Shape the Future Online event from June 14 to 16, 2021
  • 2021 - Swiss Sociological Association Congress Social Justice in Times of Uncertainty : "A Micro-level Peacebuilding Method for Sustainable and Just Cities" Presentation.
  • 2021 - 17th Development Dialogue Conference -The International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
  • 2021 - International Degrowth Conference 'Caring Communities for Radical Change "Micro-level Peacebuilding Method for Sustainable and Just Cities:Peace Garden for Alternative Food Practice" Presentation,Hague.
  • 2021 - Georg Arnhold Summer Conference on “The Environmental Crisis and Education” "Micro-level Peacebuilding Methods"
  • 2021 - Ecocity World Summit 2021 "Science to Practice : Micro-level Peacebuilding Methods for Sustainable and Just Cities" Presentation, Rotterdam.
  • 2021 - Peace Garden nominated and selected as a new eco-education model at NECE Campus "Networking European Citizenship Education" Platform which will be transferred to the NECE Conference 2021 in Brussels.
  • 2021 - Nominated as one of 3 finalist the category Social Innovation at the German Volunteer Awards 2021