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  • Wiki will eventually become a shared resource for the CoP, beginning with the Rotterdam Arena:
    • DRIFT introducing it to fellows and CoP participants at pre-Arena webinar on November 5th, encouraging interaction before the Arena
    • At the Arena itself we will have a wiki corner where people can directly create content, with support
    • From 2020, use social media posts to stimulate discussion about approaches etc.
    • DRIFT will provide participants with wiki accounts so that they can add information throughout Arena process:
  • Include different mechanisms for different levels of confidence:
    • Direct editing of pages
    • Commenting via talk pages
    • Commenting via other methods (e.g. email), integrated by cluster leads
  • Cluster leads retain responsibility for relevant pages
  • Part of deliverable from WP3:
    • Including a snapshot of the database
    • Deadline December 20th
  • Concrete actions:
    • Change introductory page to target fellows and Arena participants
    • Change list of clusters to make it easier to follow (alphabetical) - done
    • Align formats of wiki pages and Google docs - done

Changes needed pre-arena

Still to do

  • Identify curator on each approach page
  • Create project pages with templates, delete from database
  • Extensions etc. to improve useability
  • Add metadata to each approach page
  • Add database and user guide to sidebar

In progress

  • Check why user pages are not displaying
    • This will require migration of the database to a different server, which ECOLISE tech support will do at the least disruptive time (as it is difficult to edit content while the migration is in progress, and try to implement an intermediate solution meantime
  • Change database index to a dynamic page
    • extension installed, still not sure about syntax
  • Karlijn reviewing front page (update: Made a start, KS)
  • User guide: (update: made a start, KS)
    • How to edit pages
    • Links to main sources of help (could also specify topics in the MediaWiki help)
    • Guide to commenting via talk pages
    • How to contact cluster leads (via User Talk pages)
    • (assess whether any other mechanism necessary, for people who find the wiki difficult - maybe consult participants directly)
  • Pictures?
    • Karlijn will ask at SG meeting if/when we can add them?
    • Could ask participants to contribute - good route for co-creation


  • Abandon clusters: all approaches
  • Structural review by ECOLISE; Check categories for each approach/cluster page
    • Need to discuss use of categories and whether we have pages on specific projects
  • Remove distinction between methodological and substantive clusters
  • Review content by DRIFT
    • Mail partners when complete to invite them also to look over, and make suggestions via the relevant Talk pages
  • Make approach category page
  • Add license
    • License added to localsettings.php (Tom)
    • Created Project:Copyrights, linked from front page and editing panes

Enabling participation

  • Email to participants following email on November 5th. Could send personal accounts afterwards.
    • Has to be manual (as far as we know - can check if there is any batch invitation facility).
    • Can we change the text of the invitation email?
  • Webinar is an opportunity to engage with the wiki
    • Participants will discuss questions at the webinar
    • Will invite participants to look at wiki and identify 'verwonderingsvraag' (burning questions) that they can bring to the Arena.
    • Cluster leads have their own questions - e.g. who has experience with Transition Towns in an Urban area? Could ask partners to consider the input they need for their wiki page, and list these on the relevant Talk page. Can then demo answering the question in the webinar. This also provides an introduction to use of the Talk pages in a more general sense, which is a more accessible level than directly editing wiki pages.