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Working in schools to educate and encourage students on sustainability and climate protection issues.

The ‘Klima Schule’ (in English Climate School) programme developed by the climate NGO Myblueplanet is an educational program for schools founded in 2017. It focuses on encouraging education on sustainability issues and reducing the ecological footprint of schools. The program aims to integrate the themes of climate protection and sustainability in the mission statement and teaching curriculum of the participating schools. As part of this educational program, students and staff of the schools are introduced to the themes of sustainability, climate adaptation and mitigation for a period of four years. More specifically, the main subjects of the programme are energy, mobility, food and resources. The most active schools can also claim the Climate School label, by complying to a specific list of criteria.

“"…We were able to assess the amount of electricity that a photovoltaic installation on a roof would produce. It would be cool to have solar panels in on our house." - Jeneera, 16 ans – Climate School student


  • Promote education on sustainability and climate protection in schools;
  • Support schools to reduce their ecological footprint and making a concrete contribution to protecting the climate;
  • Encourage students to actively participate and become aware of sustainability and climate protection issues.

How it works

During the four years of the training program, schools offer an e series of active learning activities on different subjects. Each year, students learn a main subject:

  • Energy: students experience different types of renewable energy;
  • Mobility: students learn what environmentally-friendly mobility means;
  • Food: students learn about food production and can become actively involved in different sustainable food activities (e.g. climate-friendly cooking, sustainable agriculture, etc.).
  • Resources: students discover how recycling

Participation in the educational program has a positive effect on the image of the school since the results of each participating school are public. The schools that are more committed can apply for the Climate School label at the beginning of the programme. They will have to complete a training program and comply with the below list of criteria:

  • Creation of a climate council;
  • Anchoring of climate protection in the school's mission and curricula;
  • Implementation of regular trainings for teachers and employees in the fields of climate, energy and sustainable development;
  • Reduction of energy consumption by optimizing installations;
  • Increase of the share of renewable energies;
  • Promotion of climate-friendly mobility in schools;
  • Consideration of climate-friendly products in new acquisitions and new investments;
  • Extension of the recycling system and reduction of the volume of waste;
  • Promotion of an eco-friendly diet;
  • Communication of activities in schools and to Climate School.

Transformative Potential

The Climate School programme represents an innovative approach contributing to support schools to promote education for sustainability and to reduce their ecological footprint. Through the programme, students learn in an innovative and active oriented way about challenges and solutions related to sustainability and climate change. Other municipalities in other cities and countries could be inspired by this approach and replicate this model in their schools and other educational institutions.

More Information

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