Network for greening the financial system

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Description of what the network is about

The Network for Greening the Financial System is a collaborative structure that aims to green the financial system and strengthen the efforts of the financial sector in achieving the Paris climate agreement goals. For example, it keeps track of the financial sector's efforts to manage climate risks and explores the available options of mobilising capital for green and low-carbon investments.

Societal problem they want to address

Further elaboration of the right methods and techniques to establish, quantify and reduce climate-related risks in the financial system is urgently needed. The NGFS will continue to focus on the exchange of knowledge and experience between central banks, supervisors, and other relevant stakeholders.

Societal domain

National central banks and supervisors.

Basic aim of network

They want to have further identification of specific data needs for climate risk analysis as well as further elaboration of scenario analyses for climate risk assessments.


For more information

NGFS web page

DNB web page

Research question about translocal networking

How can key funding sources for just and sustainable transitions also be more green?

Entry done by

R. Williams at the Wikithon event 15.11.2022.