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Description of what the network is about

The network is about self-organized living and solidarity based economy. It provides advice to self-organized house projects interested in the Syndikat's model. It invests in projects so that they can be taken off the real estate market. It helps with know-how of project financing. And it initiates new projects.

Societal problem they want to address

Unaffordable and unautomonous housing that is often short-term. As far as possible the housing initiatives try to avoid new constructions and refurbish existing buildings instead.

Societal domain


Basic aim of network

To support the genesis and achieve political acceptance of self-organized house projects—humane living space and a roof over the head, for everybody. The Syndikat’s interests in the house Limited liability companies have resulted in a network of self-organized house projects committed to the idea of solidarity transfer from old to new projects. A special feature of the Mietshäuser Syndikat lies in its neutralization of property, its decentralized organizational structure of autonomous projects, and in the commitment of older projects, which have already paid off their debts, to provide financial support for new projects.


To provide affordable and self-determined housing. The Syndikat supports and self-organized housing projects and strives for its political acceptance. It wants to create an alternative for the market controlling people's ablity to access housing.

For more information


Hölzl, C. (2022). Translocal Mobilization of Housing Commons. The Example of the German Mietshäuser Syndikat. Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, 4, art. no. 759332. DOI: 10.3389/frsc.2022.759332

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