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The Municipality of Mannheim, Germany, has developed a climate action plan that aims at reducing local CO2 emissions by 40 per cent by 2020. As part of this plan, Mannheim city has the purpose to implement climate protection activities related to different sectors such as mobility, resource conservation and energy and to promote the collaboration and networking among residents, experts and other local stakeholders. The city has been active in setting up a citywide campaign - Mannheim Auf Klimakurs (Mannheim on a climate-friendly course) - to engage local stakeholder in energy and climate actions. The campaign aims to strategically bundle energy and political climate protection measures and make them more visible.

“The world needs new heroes, who lead the way and show what a responsible approach to our planet looks like” - Katarina Ressel, Climate Protection Agency


  • Promote equal access to municipal services and encourage citizens’ active engagement;
  • Promote social innovation, social inclusion and sustainability education;
  • Foster local and sharing economy;
  • Implement climate protection and sustainability activities in different sectors;
  • Encourage collaboration and networking among residents, experts and other local stakeholders.

How it works

The campaign consists of four spheres of activities. For each sphere, the city has been promoting and implementing more than 60 projects and activities.

1. Role Model City: the municipality leads by example, by taking concrete actions for sustainability and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Activities include:

  • Street lighting: gradual conversion to LED technology;
  • Supplying the city council with 100% green electricity;
  • Public transportation tickets, car sharing, service bicycles: CO2-free business trips;
  • FlurfunkE: “Energy and climate protection” action programme for the city council;
  • A series of events on climate protection.

2. Sustainable District: engaging key local stakeholders for the implementation of integrated district schemes and climate-friendly urban development. Activities include:

  • Climate-friendly model districts;
  • Sustainable mobility in the districts;
  • Local supporting programme for the greening of roof, façade and unsealing surfaces;
  • Energy advice in the districts: Energy Extra Tour for private homeowners, businesses and public facilities.

3. Local Commitment: strengthening climate protection awareness and commitment by encouraging the active participation and engagement of local stakeholders in different projects and activities related to sustainability. Activities include:

  • Environmental education for children and young people, “Climate heroes” project in schools and “Heroic acts for the climate” competition;
  • An environmental award from the City of Mannheim for environmental and climate protection topics;
  • Participation to “Earth Hour” and “Green Actions” (trees-sponsoring) campaigns;
  • “Energy efficiency in sports clubs” funding programme;
  • Participation in cycling campaigns, “Cycle to work”, “Bicycle salon”.

4. Active Businesses: actively engaging small and medium-sized companies and industries in Mannheim to help them contribute and commit to environmental and climate protection actions. Activities include:

  • Climate Protection Alliance, a self-commitment programme for companies;
  • Environmental award from the City of Mannheim: “Economies for the future”;
  • Energy advice for trading, commercial and service companies “energy caravan”;
  • Business mobility management.

Transformative Potential

“Mannheim on a climate-friendly course” campaign is a great example of local community engagement through multiple projects and activities on sustainability and climate protection. The initiative started by Mannheim city represent an inspiring example of an inclusive and innovative urban governance approach facilitating multi-actor collaborations, improvement of municipal services and contributing to sustainability transformation.

More Information

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