MUSIC (Mitigation inUrban Areas: Solutions for Innovative Cities)

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MUSIC project aims to catalyze and mainstream carbon and energy reduction in urban policies, activities and the build environment.

General introduction

Mitigation in Urban Areas: Solutions for Innovative Cities (MUSIC) project ran from June 2010 to June 2015 and was funded by Interreg IVB. New techniques and measures to reach the EU-climate targets of 20% CO2 reduction in 2020 are increasingly available and implemented. However, to mainstream these techniques in urban policy and consider them business as usual, technique alone is not enough. A transition to innovative thinking about urban planning is needed, in which all stakeholders are involved. For the MUSIC project, the cities of Aberdeen (UK), Ghent (BE), Ludwigsburg (DE), Montreuil (FR) and Rotterdam (NL) work on this ambitious aim in three parallel ways: by implementing pilot projects; by developing a Geospatial Urban Energy Information and Support System to integrate energy in urban planning; and by applying the Transition Management approach to mobilize stakeholders to take action for CO2 reduction.

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