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Description of what the network is about

The Impact Hub connects entrepreneurs and innovators to large organizations, partners, investors, and the public sector to build a more just and sustainable society. The Hub is a driver of community engagement helping to promote meaningful social change. They seek to accelerate the transition to a more just and sustainable future by enabling collaboration for impactful and scalable solutions.

Societal problem they want to address

Climate change and inequality.

Societal domain

Social entrepreneurship

Basic aim of network

The Impact Hub seeks to create inspiring spaces, vibrant communities and meaningful content driven by their stated values of trust, courage and collaboration. The Hub also strives to build better business, design impactful solutions, (re)imagine the future and to create a better tomorrow for people and the planet. Their aim is to accelerate the transition to a more green and just world. They work to tackle all challenges outlined in the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through innovation.


The Impact Hub states that they want to make changemakers succeed. From ideation to scaling, they accelerate impact by providing access to knowledge, markets, and capital.

The Hub provides:

  • Global brand recognition & exposure
  • A competitive & resilient business model that works
  • Local, regional & global partnership opportunities
  • Business support, knowledge & capacity builiding
  • An international talent pool of changemakers

For more information

Wittmayer, J. M; Avelino, F. and Afonso, R. (eds.) (2015) in TRANSIT.

Avelino, F., Dumitru, A., Cipolla, C., Kunze, I., & Wittmayer, J. (2020). Translocal empowerment in transformative social innovation networks. European Planning Studies, 28(5), 955–977.

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