INCONTEXT (Individuals in Context: Supportive Environments for Sustainable Living)

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INCONTEXT investigated drivers and barriers for sustainability and their interplay on an individual and collective level.


General introduction

Individuals in Context: Supportive Environments for Sustainable Living (INCONTEXT) was a three-year research project (2010-2013) that identified framework conditions enabling societal transitions towards an ecologically sound, economically successful and culturally diverse future. InContext assumes that both individual and collective behaviours respond to an external context (like social norms, policies, and infrastructure) and an internal context (like needs, values and priorities). It developed methodology called 'the community arena' an innovative action research method for initiating sustainable change in local communities in Austria, Germany and The Netherlands. It also applied transition management techniques with a view to their transferability to other cultural spheres!

Main insights on/for sustainable just cities

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