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Bristol Green Capital Partnership (BGCP) is a Community Interest Company, an organisational model supporting social enterprises to work for community benefits.
Photo by Ewelina Szedowska on Unsplash


Bristol Green Capital Partnership (BGCP) is a Community Interest Company, an organisational model supporting social enterprises to work for community benefits. BGCP has been founded in 2007 and brings together different partners and organisations to develop and run multiple projects with the aim of building a more sustainable and equal Bristol. The first ideas for the development of the Partnership emerged in October 2006 during a debate about how to make Bristol a “green capital”. The projects developed through the Bristol Green Capital Partnership are very diverse and support (social) innovation, enable inclusive collaboration, build capacities of organisations and individuals and enhance sustainable lifestyles. Bristol Green Capital Partnership allowed Bristol to win the Green Capital Award in 2015 by building a network of grassroots initiatives and other local organisations, businesses and two universities.


  • Work towards the city of Bristol as a more sustainable and low carbon city powered by renewable energy based on a circular economy, where citizens are aware of the importance of reducing, re-using and recycling resources and goods and based on sustainable food and mobility systems;
  • Enable collaborations and collective actions across diverse sectors and provide leadership for making Bristol more sustainable and equal;
  • Foster environmental sustainability and equality through the development of multiple projects, activities and collaborations in Bristol and the West of England.

How it works

The organisational structure of BGCP includes an executive team (Chief Executive, Operations Manager and Development Manager) running activities, projects and events in collaboration with the different partners, and a Board of Directors, governing the organisation.

The Partnership is a collaborative effort supported by the different member’s organisations that provide financial and other types of support.

Bristol Green Capital Partnership has resulted in many concrete actions, most importantly through multiple projects, such as:

  • Better Bristol Campaign, providing local sustainability organisations and groups with the opportunity to raise funds for their projects through a combination of crowdfunding and match funding.
  • The Green & Black Ambassadors initiative addressed the exclusion of black and minority ethnic communities in Bristol, by conducting Community Action Research, creating media projects and radio shows, running leadership trainings and other activities.
  • Healthy City Week (in 2015, 2016 and 2017) offered a platform for individuals, organisations and communities to exchange ideas, develop collaborations and explore the intersections between the environmental sustainability of Bristol and the health of its citizens.
  • Bristol WORKS connects organisations with young people in search of work experience in the field of environmental sustainability.
  • Skills Bridge supports the establishment of collaborations on sustainability projects between members of the Partnership and the associated Universities in Bristol. It brings together both university students and community partners.
  • Green Mingle offers individuals, organisations and members of the Partnership the opportunity to network, exchange ideas and make connections.
  • Stepping Up is a leadership and career progression programme for individuals from a Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) background with the aim to unlock their talents and potentials.
  • Sustainable Development Goals aims at encouraging the adoption of the SDGs in Bristol city. The Partnership is one of the local stakeholders that formed the Bristol SDG Alliance to drive the definition of a policy framework for long-term city/region development and resilience, monitor progress and hold the local government accountable. It thus connects community and city-level actions to national and global challenges.
  • URBAN ID aims at developing an integrated diagnostics framework and method to diagnose key urban challenges and to build a more resilient, sustainable and healthy city.

Transformative potential

This Partnership connects a diversity of organisations and individuals working towards a shared goal. It also moves beyond the “good intentions”, to actual implement different projects. To live up to their transformative potential, it is important to carry out a proper monitoring of the progress and the connection between the different activities to ensure synergies and tipping points.

More information

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Photo by Ewelina Szedowska on Unsplash


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