GUST (Governance of Urban Sustainability Transitions)

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GUST project aims to examine, inform, and advance the governance of sustainability transitions through Urban Living Labs, which are proliferating across Europe as a means for testing innovations.

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General introduction

Governance of Urban Sustainability Transitions (GUST) project is funded by JPI Urban Europe and brings together leading European research partners and practitioners to investigate and advance Urban Living Labs. European cities face a pressing challenge – how to provide economic prosperity and social cohesion while achieving environmental sustainability? In response, new collaborations are emerging in the form of urban living labs. These are sites developed to design, test, and learn from social and technical innovation in real-time. Individual cases have been studied, but limited work has been done to understand how Urban Living Labs work across different national contexts, and how we can scale-up their impact and share lessons across European cities. GUST develops a systematic framework for evaluating the design, practices, and processes of Urban Living Labs and for conducting a comparative analysis of their potential and their limitations.

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