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Fridays for Future (FFF) is the global school children's climate movement that began in 2018 after Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg staged a protest in August 2018 outside the Swedish Riksdag (parliament), holding a sign that read "Skolstrejk för klimatet" ("School strike for climate").

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General introduction

FFF is also known as The school strike for climate, Youth for Climate, Climate Strike or Youth Strike for Climate, is an international movement of school students who skip Fridays classes to participate in demonstrations to demand action from political leaders to take action to prevent climate breakdown[1]. Due to their actions and other climate justice movements, there were many Climate Emergency declarations made by governments in 2019. In Portugal the movement is called "Greve Climática Estudantil" and they use the hashtag #FazPeloClima (Do it for the Climate).

A global strike on 15 March 2019 gathered more than one million strikers. Around 2200 strikes were organised in 125 countries. On 24 May 2019, the second global strike took place, in which 1600 events across 150 countries drew hundreds of thousands of protesters. The events were timed to coincide with the 2019 European Parliament election.

The 2019 Global Week for Future was a series of 4500 strikes across over 150 countries, focused around Friday 20 September and Friday 27 September. 20 September strikes gathered roughly 4 million protesters, many of them schoolchildren. On 27 September, an estimated 2 million people participated in demonstrations worldwide.

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