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Description of the governance mode

According to the NATURVATION's NBS-Atlas that distinguishes three categories of governance arrangements, government led arrangements are initiated and driven by government actors i.e. municipalities, regional or national governments.

Brief governance scenarios led by government actors

  1. Inviting citizens to a transformation of street space - flexibly dealing with resistance
  2. Balancing long term sustainability and short-term social needs in peri-urban green space
  3. Overcoming compartmentalization in urban regeneration projects for inclusive sustainability and resilience

Detailed governance interventions led by government actors

The following detailed descriptions of real world experiments (mostly within EU-funded projects) have inspired and substantiated the brief governance scenarios above.

  1. Dealing flexibly with and learning from resistance in Barcelona
  2. Biodiversity protection and social justice in the Barcelona Natural Park
  3. Holistic neighbourhood development Augustenborg