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"Stadslab2050” is an urban living lab located in Antwerp. It is a space open to collectively develop new ways of thinking and doing, while contributing to building a sustainable future for the city.
Photo by Jonne Mäkikyrö on Unsplash


“Stadslab2050” is an urban living lab located in Antwerp. It is a space open to collectively develop new ways of thinking and doing, while contributing to building a sustainable future for the city. The lab has been initiated by the Municipality and brings together individuals from within and outside the city to co-create knowledge, network and develop new innovations and projects. The lab plays a key role in creating a diverse network of (social) entrepreneurs, citizens, civil servants, academics and other stakeholders to find new ways of looking at challenges and create new solutions. Individuals and organisations can participate in “Stadslab2050” by joining one of the workshops or by submitting a project during the open calls for projects.


  • Support the city of Antwerp to become CO2 neutral by 2050;
  • Contribute to make Antwerp a more sustainable and liveable city;
  • Generate creative processes of thinking and acting for building a sustainable future of the city;
  • Create a diverse network of citizens, policymakers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to generate new ideas and solutions to address complex sustainability problems;
  • Include citizens and other stakeholders in the urban policy-making process;
  • Generate a space for synergy, creativity and innovation by addressing these three core goals: solve, learn and connect.

How it works

“Stadlab2050” provides the space for initiating and reinforcing partnerships and collaborations among citizens, companies, public institutions and other stakeholders contributing to build a sustainable city. The initiative provides a testing ground for innovations, offers a toolbox of methods and techniques in order to transform ideas into realistic and feasible initiatives. It is an urban laboratory aiming at addressing sustainability challenges, currently experimenting on diverse topics such as climate adaptation, energy, circular economy and mobility.

Stadslab is composed of three main groups:

  • “Urban laborants”: participants in the Stadslab with different backgrounds and level of expertise, who team up for testing the innovations and provide collective feedback.
  • Strategic partners: the Municipality is the initiator of the Stadslab, but it is constantly searching for the cooperation of partners for collectively solving complex urban issues.
  • Project team: municipal staff and external consultants, supporting the “urban laborants”, guiding and facilitating the process of testing innovations and managing the Stadslab network.

Transformative potential

Stadslab2050 enhances the collaboration and co-creation of knowledge among multiple stakeholders for addressing complex sustainability challenges and contributing to build a more sustainable and carbon neutral city. Stadslab2050 represents an interesting example of an urban living lab. Urban living labs in general have a transformative potential since they enable synergies among diverse actors that normally are disconnected. These labs provide spaces for developing new ideas, critical reflections and actions by bringing together different perspectives, background and knowledge.

More information

Stadslab2050 website (in Dutch)

Flemish Government website (in Dutch)

Photo Credit

Photo by Jonne Mäkikyrö on Unsplash


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