Socratic digital democracy

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Finding common ground in our complex world seems to get harder every day. Societies are becoming more divided. Governments are faced with big challenges but find it hard to take decisions. Corporations are not trusted by their customers or employees. Even sport associations and non-profit organisations face trust problems with their members. Social Media divides people instead of bringing them together. Socratic digital democracy is a tool to make collective decisions. A tool in which a user can choose the time and energy he or she wants to invest in reaching a common decision. Even someone who only has little time to spend can still make a valuable contribution. With the combination of survey, discussion and voting we overcome the disadvantages of the individual technologies. Surveys are superficial and the results depend on the questions. Discussion platforms reach a limited audience. We use a discussion platforms to help users formulate questions for surveys in our app. We want to avoid situations as the Brexit referendum where people didn't know what they were voting for. We help people to formulate the right questions.