Social innovation sTRategies for sUSTainability transitions

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General introduction

TRUST (social innovation sTRategies for sUSTainability transitions) is a FCT research project that focus on sustainability transition initiatives supported by social learning and innovation as important factors that drive transformative change in social-ecological systems for community development. ​ The goal is to contribute to create locally based sustainability transitions initiatives, boosting transformative processes, through social innovation strategies, that can enable changes in approaches, routines, practices, systems and mind-sets. ​ The project adopts a participatory research and multi-actor approach with empirical observations in both urban and rural social-ecological contexts from three Portuguese case study regions: Lisbon, Aveiro and Évora. The TRUST project started in September 2018 and will run until August 2021.

Main insights on/for sustainable just cities

TRUST overall objective is to explore: a) the enabling conditions for sustainability transition initiatives. b) the extent to which such transitions create opportunities for social innovation. c) the role of social innovation in driving transformative change, through actors' networks and agents of change.

Suggested key readings & links

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Further reading

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