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Rotterdam in The Netherlands will be the place to be for #SustainableCities enthusiasts, activists, practitioners, policy makers, city government and academics in 2021.

This is the city our first #UrbanAArena happened in November 2019 and where our consortium partner DRIFT for transition are based, and doing super work. Hopefully we will be able to involve friends and communities from our "Community of Practice" working on the ground to create #SustainableJustCities in the goings on.

Ecocity World Summit 2021 will happen in Rotterdam, 27 – 29 September. This is the 14th edition of the Ecocity Builders conference, which is seen as "The Longest Running Summit On #SustainableCities". #Ecocity2021, will collaborate with the 7th CIB international conference on Smart and Sustainable Built Environments (#SASBE2021) to showcase the latest research and developments in urban design and city transformation practices. There will be a wide array of different sessions, workshops and fieldtrips. The conference theme is: "Urban Transformation for Nature-Based Solutions".

UrbanA Website

In June, what has become the biggest "Sustainable Cities" forum in Europe, the Urban Future Global Conference (UFGC) (UrbanA and ECOLISE are partners) will happen, June 16-18. So more opportunities to connect, talk, learn, adapt, change our cities..

In 2019, the world really woke up to the #ClimateEmergency, thanks to youth action, Greta and all the activists in the #FridaysForFuture movement. Now its time for us all to shift and change our own backyards, which #CommunitiesForFuture is helping enable. Let the adventures begin.

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