EnergiaTa: Making Prosumerism a Reality in Romania

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In 2016, Mihai Toader-Pasti and Claudiu Butacu realized that it was legally impossible for them to generate their own energy and feed excess energy back into the grid. They founded EnergiaTa, an organization with an innovative approach that structurally simplifies and mainstreams the process of becoming a prosumer. The organization tackles every aspect of the process, as well as taking equity issues into account: from bureaucratic issues to financial compensation and energy literacy.

“On the medium term we hope to get to 100,000 prosumers in Romania, and in the long term, until 2050, we hope for Romania to function 100% on energy from renewable resources.” - Mihai Toader-Pasti, co-founder, EnergiaTa


  • Make it possible for Romanian households to easily sell their photovoltaic energy to the grid;
  • Create a community of prosumers in Romania and a representation for small energy producers;
  • Encourage prosumerism in Romania through raising energy literacy and awareness, to reach one million prosumers;
  • Advocate for easy access and smooth administrative processes and remuneration for injecting back into the grid;
  • Tackle energy poverty: ensuring that everyone in Romania can access clean and affordable energy by lowering energy bills, improving energy efficiency, and increasing household’s incomes.

How it works

After three years of lobbying done by EnergiaTa, since January 1, 2019 it is now possible for an individual to sell energy to the grid in Romania (photovoltaic energy under 27kW) at 0,047 Euro / kWh.

EnergiaTa has over 5000 members across Romania. In 2019, together with electricity utility company ENGIE, they launched a prosumer’s guide, containing information on how to become a prosumer, what rights prosumers have, as well as information on existing subsidies, and what to look for when buying solar panels.

EnergiaTa also organises events, including the first conference for Romanian prosumers, to bring together prosumers, utility companies, solar panel companies, and public authorities. It is also developing partnerships including with micro-financing organisations to provide community-specific energy solutions addressing energy poverty. This may include energy efficiency measures, as well as skills training and education to provide economic opportunities.

Transformative Potential

EnergiaTa uses an innovative approach, bringing citizens who want to innovate the energy system, campaigning, and collaborating for their rights, together with other actors. They have revolutionized the Romanian energy landscape by campaigning for prosumerism and unlocking a range of subsidies. In addition, EnergiaTa promotes discussion around equity and aims to use prosumer technology to reduce energy poverty in Romania.

More Information

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